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Stal de Groaf

Poll Dorset flock
M.V. accredited
scrapie monitored negative

member of the Dutch Pedigree VSS

Our Rams

Our flock involves seven rams from different bloodlines. The rams come from the Blackhill flock of Jim and Joe Dufosee, from the Gortleigh flock of Gill and Richard Trace and from the Sherborn flock. In 2019 we imported Sherborn Agile and Gortleigh B2908. In 2018 we hired an Australian bloodline (grandson Mick Dundee) and bought three ewes from the Blackhill flock that were tupped by Blackhill Zing. We are severe in selecting ewes and rams. The rams are supposed to be well developed and muscled. In 2015 we imported Blackhill Wolverine, and in 2016 Blackhill Wisgerhof and in 2017 Blackhill Neanderthal. All these rams are long and quite muscular. The English import is predominantly selected based upon of index numbers.

Poll Dorset ram

Blackhill Wisgerhof 2014 (Red line)

Wisgerhof is a nice quite muscular ram, scores well in terms of muscularity and fat. Index 210 and second index 207.

Poll Dorset ram

Blackhill Wolverine 2014 (Blue line)

Wolverine is a nice long ram and scores well on muscularity and does not grease as quickly. Index 121 and second index 209

Poll Dorset ram

Blackhill Neanderthal 2009 (Yellow line)

Neanderthal scores on growth rate (8 weeks and 21 weeks).
Index 213 and second index 164

Poll Dorset ram

Australische line from Polgreen Mick Dundee (Purple line)

Tough big ram, fast grower. Thanks to imports from Australia, this line has added a great value.

Poll Dorset ram

Sherborne Agile 2017 (Orange line)

Agile scores well on both  growth rate and muscling rate. Index 236 and second index 211.

Poll Dorset ram

Gortleigh Bendigo 2018 (Black line)

Son of GORTLEIGH AUCKLAND, Bendigo (B2908) scores well on growth rate. Index 228 and second index 227.

Poll Dorset ram

Blackhill Zing (Green line)

Son of Riverview Wasabi. Zing scores well on maternal ability, fast growth, large lambs.

Poll Dorset rammen


We only sell approved rams for breeding purposes. Rams that do not meet our requirements go for consumption. To properly assess a ram, we only sell it when it is at least 6 months old. We maintain an index ourselves so that we can indicate the growth rate at 8 and 21 weeks.