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Stal de Groaf

Poll Dorset flock
M.V. accredited
scrapie monitored negative

member of the Dutch Pedigree VSS

Our flock

The Poll Dorset is very fertile, produces a lot of milk and gives high quality meat and wool. The ews grow to an average of 80 kilos. Rams can weight 130kg. The average number of lambs is around 2.5 per year. The Poll Dorset can breed all year round, which means that tubbing can take place three times every two years. On our farm, the ewes lamb once a year. The ewes lamb easily. Milk production is good in quantity as well as quality, enabling the lambs to receive optimal early nutrition. The lambs can grow 500 to 600 grams per day!

Intro to BinnensteBuiten Dutch television programm of January 22, 2018.

Broadcast of the Dutch television programm BinnensteBuiten about our Poll Dorsets on January 22, 2018