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Poll Dorset flock
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Intro to BinnensteBuiten Dutch television programm of January 22, 2018.

Broadcast of the Dutch television programm BinnensteBuiten about our Poll Dorsets on January 22, 2018

                                                 More Poll Dorsets are bound for the Netherlands

(the published article is entitled "Het schaap, Augustus 2018")
Poll Dorsets breeding in the Netherlands is having a fantastic boost through new imports from England. Jorgen Munk from Noordijk in Gelderland visited a number of breeders in England this summer. He bought animals for himself and fellow breeders, in addition to that he was promised he could buy more next Spring.Those breeders rank among the top of English breeding. Munk bought forty-four ews en two rams from Jim Dufosee. All of them of high indexes. These forty-six sheep will be brought to the Netherlands next fall. From the Gortleigh Flock by Gille and Richard Trace, Munk promised that he could return and buy a couple of yearlings next May. This company is at the top of the breeding indexes. Francis Fooks of the breeding company Poorton Flock also promised that animals are allowed next year
are being ordered. "Those imports are really necessary, says Munk." As it appears that the demand for the Poll Dorset pedigree animals in the Netherlands is greater than the supply. Foreign breeders also know where to find us. Those forty-six animals next fall are not enough to meet the demand
"Mr Munk is therefore quite delightes he could import again from top English breeders next year.

De Ruif 4, 2018
Poll Dorset breeders are again a few bloodlines richer

by: Irene Munk

Thursday morning, October 18, early in the morning, it's still dark, the English Poll Dorset ewes and rams arrive in Noordijk. They are waiting patiently in a huge truck that barely could pass our street; let alone the yard. Nevertheless, unloading went well, although we did wait for the daylight.
That was the beginning of a day of a couple of weeks during which the other Poll Dorset breeders could monitor by cam how the animals spend their sleepover. They were not the only ones who were curious about the temporary accommodation of the English flock.
Some two weeks later, we had a surprise visit from the NVWA inspector. Interesting and educational to look at the breeding of the animals and everything that comes with it from a different point of view. And then the time has come, a number of ewes and two rams are picked up by their owners during the breeders day on November 10.
Other breeders were also curious about these new acquisitions, especially after Harrie Roekevisch had given us a visual and fascinating  illustration about evaluating sheeps. As an international judge, he obviously uses his sharp eye for detail.
Jorgen elaborated on how the import got its course, what data you can find in Basco about the Poll Dorset, how you can interpret the information and what the English breeders think about export. He also mentioned the next import campaign in early 2019. Several breeders showed their serious interest in this. "just wait and see" how things will work next year. It was a nice informal day, during which about twenty breeders from Friesland to Belgium had the chance to get together, share their own experiences, exchance etc.... certainly now that the Poll Dorset sheep has received such a substantial through the purchase of new bloodlines now that the Poll Dorset sheep has received such a substantial boost through the purchase of new bloodlines.